Printing Process

Standard Press’s full fledged printing, post-printing and other extended services.


         At Standard Press, you are assured of a one-point contact for your job. Each job is split into its individual components, each of which is planned and scheduled in detail - from material planning to machine booking, job status to technical sale order and job follow-up right down to intricate logistics. No project at Standard Press ends with the delivery - it extends right to the after-sales service provided by the coordinators.


         Standard Press distinguishes itself with the usage of wood-free paper, coated paper, newsprint paper and boards that are locally available in the Tamil Nadu market. Other material like coated paper and one side coated board is imported from the best markets worldwide.


            The Press operates with optimum lead time for various processes, including procuring paper (4 weeks), production (4 weeks) and for transporting finished products to different corners of the world, like UK (3 weeks) and the US (4weeks).


            Great attention is focused on logistics. Logistics confirms the delivery schedule which is carried out prior scheduling and monitoring the movement. Space and geographic boundaries are never a strain to us. Our experience is delivering to location across the world and our global networking enables us to get the best service form airline, shipping and counter companies all of which translates to more efficient, fast delivery for you. We are also well connected by sea with our proximity to Tuticorin, one of India’s busiest ports located approximately 65 Km from Sivakasi. The port gives easy access for shipping of goods to Customers located in East-West international route. The logistics intended for domestic jobs also fare well within the time frame.


            Standard Press is always ready to serve you. You can contact any of our coordinators 24 x 7 by e-mail, phone or fax. Or if you wish, you can get in touch with any of our top management personnel anywhere, at any time. Your communication lines to them are open round the clock and you can reach them through your preferred means of communication be it e-mail, phone or fax.


            Packing plays a major role in ensuring that your consignment reaches you in perfect shape and in good condition. To ensure this, we have a variety of packing machines like the Heat Sealing Machine, the shrink wrapping machine and the Pallet wrapping machine.